Saturday, 22 October 2016

Autumn is Here!

Autumn is Here!

Autumn is here so that means one thing to pond owners... Leaves!

Leaves are a pain to keep out of your pond as they can clog up filters, break down and cause water quality issues and overall don't look very appealing all over your pond.

One of the best way we have found to keep the leaves out of your pond is the new pond net pyramid from pond Xpert. 

This pond net has a fantastic 'pop-up' pyramid design to cover over ponds up to 3.5 x 6m. The design of this pond cover net means that leaves, twigs, acorns etc. just simply roll off the net rather than sitting on top of the net like most standard pond nets. The pyramid design also means that it does not crush the plants in your pond so they can remain healthy as well.

This pond net is also also heron proof so you do not have to worry about the pesky local heron attacking you pond fish.

You can place this net on uneven ground and the mesh is already attached to the frame so there is really no setting up needed with this fantastic product.

Keep your pond clearer and your fish safer with this unique pond net pyramid.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Superfish PondECO Plus E Remote Control Pond Pumps

Superfish, a brand of Aquadistri, have launched 3 new energy efficient pond pumps that enable you to adjust the pump capacity to your required level.

The Superfish PondECO Plus E with Remote Control enables you to switch on/off your pump and set the waterflow and jet to the desired level with 10 different variables.

In the range are:-
Pond ECOPlus RC 5000 
Pond ECOPlus RC 10000
Pond ECOPlus RC 15000 

The RC 5000 has a pump capacity range of 2000-5000 litres / hour, with maximum head range of 0.9m - 3.0m and power usage rate of 6-22 watts.

The RC 10000 has a pump capacity range of 4500-9200 litres / hour, with a maximum head range of 1.6m - 5.8m and a power consumption of 13-68 watts.

The RC 15000 has a pump capacity range of 8000-15000 litres / hour, with a maximum head range of 2.5m - 6.5m and a power rate of between 23-130 watts.

All three pond pumps in the range are suitable for submerged or dry-mounted use. They also come complete with run-dry protection to prevent the pump overheating should it run dry.

Superfish offer a 2 year warranty and a 48 hour, on-site pick-up and replacement service with every model.

For full details about each pump and others in our Pond Pump Range click here

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants

Plants are almost essential in every tropical aquarium, they provide so much for your tank for not only your fish but your water quality too. 

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the water, this means that your fish will be a lot healthier and happier as they require quite a high level of oxygen to maintain their health. Carbon dioxide (Co2) can cause other minerals and salts in the water to become more harmful to your fish if there is enough Co2 in the water. Plants absorb ammonia from the water which helps to keep nitrite and nitrate at bay. Due to the plants absorbing all these nutrients it actually reduces your algae growth as they are taking the food the algae needs to grow.

One other benefit of live plants is that it is a natural food source for some of your fish and it can be replenished as the plants can grow back what they have lost! Fish benefit from eating this as it is the most natural way of providing them with the right nutrients and natural algae they need to help boost their immunity and health.

Looking after your plants really depends on what you want out of them. If you just want them as a food source for your fish and are not that fussed if they get completely eaten then there is not a lot you need to do, we do suggest however that you use a plant substrate such as Seachem Flourite so that the plants have a better change to re-grow so that they last longer.

If you want a heavily planted tank and you want the plants to last and thrive then you will need to have your plant substrate so that the plants can really root down. We also suggest dosing with a combination of a fertilizer, we recommend Seachem Flourish, and a liquid Co2, we recommend Seachem Flourish Excel

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Vitalis Coral Food

Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition have just launched a new range of foods specifically formulated and designed for corals and anemones.

Vitalis have introduced LPL Coral Pellets, SPS Coral Food, Anemone Pellets and Soft Coral Food.
Each contains specific amino acids and nutritional needs for the specific species and the food is based on their soft food formula.

LPS Coral Pellet (Large Polyp Stony Corals)
LPS Corals are usually found in the deeper waters and therefore rely on a good food source within the water more than photosynthesis for their growth and development.
Vitalis have developed an extra small pellet that LPS Corals can trap as they would do in their natural coral reefs.

SPS Coral Food (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
SPS are found higher up in the reef. As a result SPS corals are more reliable on a good photosynthesis rate for strong healthy growth. To help achieve this, increasing the zooxanthellae numbers within the coral is key and this is increased by feeding your coral the required nutrients. The SPS coral food from Vitalis has been developed to mimic the suspended particulate matter naturally found within coral reefs.

Anemone Pellets
Vitalis have researched the feeding habits of carnivorous anemones in the development of this latest feed. Anemone Pellets mimic the larger particles of food or sea creatures that anemones feed on. Anemone Pellets are easily captured by the anemone tentacles. If you have smaller anemones, then simple break down the Anemone Pellets.

Soft Coral Food
Specially formulated for soft corals and filter feeders, the new Soft Coral Food from Vitalis uses micronized flakes technology that ensures the extra nutrition required is delivered to your soft corals.
Ideal for gorgonians, zoanthis, filter feeder worms and clams.