Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New Loyalty Cards Are Here

Since the launch of the Fish Fish Fish Loyalty Scheme we now have nearly 300 members - what a success this has been and thank you for your loyal custom.

As a result we are now running out of cards to issue.

We've taken this opportunity to re-brand the cards and issue new ones to everyone. We hope you like the new design as pictured above.

When you come in-store next, we shall be swapping out your old cards for the new ones so don't be alarmed when we take your old card away from you (and remember to bring it to enable us to swap it for a new one!)

Once we have issued your new card, you will need to present them to ensure you receive your discount as our system needs this moving forward.

To make your life easier for you, we have included a simple snap off fob that you can place on your car keys too - so now there is no excuse for forgetting your card!

1 comment:

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