Sunday, 8 May 2016

New UK bred pond fish now in stock

We are pleased to advise that we are now stocking UK bred fish from Hampshire Carp Hatcheries.

Having visited Chris and the team we were really impressed with their set up, knowledge and experience in coldwater fish.

British fish have been grown on slowly and kept over winter. This leads to a stronger and more vigorous fish than those imported from abroad.

When transporting the fish, Hampshire Carp Hatcheries do not place as many fish in each bag and they are transported overnight when cooler. This leads to less stressful fish when they arrive to us.

We are able to offer the following high quality fish from Hampshire Carp Hatcheries:-

Blue Orfe
Grade A Koi
Shusui/Asagi Koi
Ogon Koi
Ghost Koi
Green Tench
Gold Tench
Mirror Carp
Swan Mussels

Why not come along to Fish Fish Fish and take a look at the Hampshire Carp Hatcheries fish in our new ponds.

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