Sunday, 29 May 2016

New way of feeding with Vitalis

New way of feeding with Vitalis

Vitalis fish foods is our favourite food on the market right now.

We feed all of our fish in-store Vitalis Foods and the difference Vitalis Food makes to the health of our fish is astounding.

Vitalis produce a pellet food and flake food for both marine and tropical fish. Vitalis also have a range of specialist fish foods for specific species of fish.

Recently, we have discovered a new way of feeding the Vitalis pellets for both tropical and marine fish.

We crush the pellets into a smooth paste (we use a pestle and mortar). Having a paste means you can stick the food to the side of your glass tank. This method of feeding provides a new and exciting way for your fish to find food. Another benefit to this method of feeding is it encourages your fish to the front of the tank so you can see them better and get full enjoyment from watching them feed closer to you.

The paste doesn't have to be stuck to your glass. The smooth past can be used as larger pellets for your bigger fish.

With this method, we have found it an ideal way to introduce different types of treatments and enticers for your fish. Examples include:-

Using Seachem Nourish or Seachem Vitality means that you can make the food even more beneficial to your fish as it will provide more nutrients into the food resulting in healthier, happier fish. 

Seachem Entice and Seachem Garlic Guard are both enticers which will help fussy eaters in your tank. Providing them with different flavours as well as a different way of eating should help your fish feed more especially if they are known for being fussy feeders. Garlic is beneficial to your fish's immunity system helping them prevent and fight illnesses.

NT Labs Anti-fluke and Wormer is pretty new on the market. Anti-Fluke and Wormer is one of the few treatments that treat internal worms in fish. This treatment is fantastic when added to their food as it treats the problem right at the source when ingested. Using the feeding method of adding this treatment rather than treating the water helps prevent killing any inverts that are in your tank. This is perfect to use if you notice your fish are getting skinny and are not putting weight on even though they are eating.

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