Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The NEW Juwel Primo Aquarium

The ALL NEW Juwel Primo 70 Aquarium comes with either a Black or White hood to compliment any home.

This 70 Litre rectangular aquarium, whilst traditional in style, comes with lots of new features.

Juwel have introduced NEW LED lighting to the Primo range of aquarium and on the Primo 70 they use their NovoLux LED 8W Lighting units. These A+ efficiency rated LED lighting units offer optimum illumination in your Juwel Primo Aquarium.

Continuing with their innovation, Juwel have introduced BioFlow One Internal Filters to the Primo 70 Aquariums. Suitable for Aquariums up to 80 Litres, the BioFlow One Internal Filters come complete with:-

·         Juwel 50 watt integrated heater – adjustable to ensure optimum temperature is maintained
·         Juwel EccoFlow 300 Pump – highly efficient and whisper-quiet flow pump with dual-mounted impeller axle
·         Juwel 02 Diffuser – for added oxygen supply
·         Fine pored bioPlus One filter sponges  - to ensure Crystal Clear Water

The Dimensions for the Primo 70 Aquarium are 61cm Long x 31cm Deep x 44cm High.

Juwel have also brought out the Juwel Primo 60 (54 Litres) aquarium and the Juwel Primo 110 (110 Litres) aquarium.

All 3 sizes within the Juwel Primo range of aquariums are great value for money and offer all fish keepers a great starter or upgrade aquarium with modern features.

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