Saturday, 18 June 2016


Acclimatization of your tropical, marine or cold water fish

Acclimatisation of your fish into your aquarium is a very important part of fish keeping.

Correct acclimatisation allows any new fish you are introducing into your fish tank a chance to adjust to the difference in water quality/parameters and also temperature.
Acclimatisation applies to all fish. Some fish require slower acclimatisation as they do not like quick changes to their habitat. Those requiring slower acclimatisation include;
  • any invertebrates (shrimps,snails etc.),
  • plecos
  • fish renowned for not being very hardy

Acclimatisation can be done using the plastic bag the fish come in as prided by us or your local fish store. Alternatively, you can purchase an acclimatiser kit which are much better for the fish as it allows water to be drip fed into the bag offering a slow and regular acclimatisation process. 

The standard process of acclimatising fish is to float the bag in your tank for approximately 10 minutes.

Un-tie the fish bag and roll it down just short of the water line.

Empty out a small amount of the water from the bag and replace it with your fish tank water.

Wait approximately 15 minutes and then repeating the process.(2 - 4 times is best)
Once complete, add your fish into your aquarium.

Sit back, relax and watch them settle in!

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