Saturday, 25 June 2016

Catappa Leaves

Catappa Leaves

Catappa leaves make a fantastic food and additive to your tropical aquarium. 

Catappa leaves make the perfect food for your shrimp, plecos, and some fish. Catappa leaves provide a good amount of nutrients to any herbivores and omnivore in your aquarium.

As well as making a great food, catappa leaves also release tanning into the water which provide natural anti-bacterial properties. These anti-bacterial properties aid boosting the health and immunity of your fish.

There are two sizes of Catappa leaves readily available -  nano and XL.

Each nano leaf is suitable for up to 50L per leaf whilst the XL leaf is suitable up to 100L per leaf.

When using Catappa leaves, place a leaf into your tank and it will sink to the bottom between 24-48 hours. After this time elapses your Catappa leaf will start to release its natural agents into the water for approximately 14 days. After 14 days you should use another leaf.

Once the shrimp and fish have eaten away at the leaf, if will break down into a skeleton and you can remove this skeleton of a leaf as they will then move onto the fresher leaf placed into your aquarium.

We have used Catappa leaves in our shop aquariums and noticed the beneficial effect these leaves can have on your fish. Catappa leaves are a real boost to any aquarium, particularly if your have shrimp and pleco's in your fish tank.

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