Thursday, 23 June 2016

Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic Cleaning System

Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic Cleaning System

 Evolution Aqua have today unveiled the new Nexus Automatic System

Continuing Evolution Aqua's long standing reputation for innovation, the Nexus Automatic Cleaning System now enables Nexus filter owners to benefit from a fully automated cleaning cycle on their 
multi award winning Nexus filtration systems

Just when you thought cleaning your Nexus Filter couldn't get any easy, well there is no need to turn ball valves and manually switch pumps any more thanks to the Nexus Automatic Cleaning System. 

All of the key processes that form the cleaning cycle are simply controlled with this simple to install, retrofit, automatic cleaning system.

Hassle free Nexus filtration cleaning.
Automated cleaning process of the Nexus.
Easily retro-fits onto Nexus filters (post 2006 models).
Electronic control box is designed to operate valves and pumps automatically.
Pre-programmed cycle for cleaning kicks in automatically when sensors detect the EAZY is due for a clean.
■ Designed for easy set up and use on multiple cleans.
Dual float switches for added security.
Manual cleaning cycle can still be undertaken when required.  
GRAVITY and PUMP FED versions available.
Evolution Aqua Nexus System

The Automatic Cleaning Process

Evolution Aqua Nexus Cleaning

■ Sensors detect when the EAZY needs to be cleaned.
■ Control box automatically switches circulating pump off.
■ The water level in the Nexus equalises.
■ Inlet valve closes whilst at the same time air is diverted from the outer bio chamber to the EAZY to clean the K1 Micro.
■ After K1 Micro has been cleaned, the waste valve opens.
■ Eazy is drained to waste and inlet valve opens for a final flush of the EAZY.
■ The waste valve closes.
■ Air is diverted back from the EAZY to the bio chamber.
■ Circulating pump is switched back on.
■ Nexus returns to filtration mode.

The Nexus Automatic System can be easily set up to enable multiple cleans of the EAZY during the cleaning process.

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