Sunday, 24 July 2016

Vitalis Coral Food

Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition have just launched a new range of foods specifically formulated and designed for corals and anemones.

Vitalis have introduced LPL Coral Pellets, SPS Coral Food, Anemone Pellets and Soft Coral Food.
Each contains specific amino acids and nutritional needs for the specific species and the food is based on their soft food formula.

LPS Coral Pellet (Large Polyp Stony Corals)
LPS Corals are usually found in the deeper waters and therefore rely on a good food source within the water more than photosynthesis for their growth and development.
Vitalis have developed an extra small pellet that LPS Corals can trap as they would do in their natural coral reefs.

SPS Coral Food (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
SPS are found higher up in the reef. As a result SPS corals are more reliable on a good photosynthesis rate for strong healthy growth. To help achieve this, increasing the zooxanthellae numbers within the coral is key and this is increased by feeding your coral the required nutrients. The SPS coral food from Vitalis has been developed to mimic the suspended particulate matter naturally found within coral reefs.

Anemone Pellets
Vitalis have researched the feeding habits of carnivorous anemones in the development of this latest feed. Anemone Pellets mimic the larger particles of food or sea creatures that anemones feed on. Anemone Pellets are easily captured by the anemone tentacles. If you have smaller anemones, then simple break down the Anemone Pellets.

Soft Coral Food
Specially formulated for soft corals and filter feeders, the new Soft Coral Food from Vitalis uses micronized flakes technology that ensures the extra nutrition required is delivered to your soft corals.
Ideal for gorgonians, zoanthis, filter feeder worms and clams.

NEW: Vitalis foods koi range

New Vitalis Koi Range

Vitalis foods have just announced that they have been working on and have produced a range of soft pellet foods specifically designed for koi and other pond fish. 

Vitalis koi pellets are like their marine and tropical pellet; a soft, highly digestible, sinking pellet.

This food uses natural and raw ingredients that can also benefit your water quality too. This Vitalis food can be fed all year round to your fish removing the need for different feeds depending on the season.

The Vitalis koi pond pellets improve growth, boost the colours on your fish, make for better water quality and helps your fish develop good body shape.

These Vitalis pond pellets come in three sizes: Small (1.5 mm) Small+ (4 mm) and Medium (6 mm).

We are very excited about this range of foods as Vitalis are one of our favourite food brands on the market today and we will definitely be testing them out in the shop!

Going On Holiday

Going On Holiday

If you are going away on holiday for a period of time and don't know what to do about feeding and maintaining your aquarium then this blog will direct you the right way to making sure your fish stay happy and healthy whilst you are away enjoying yourself.

No matter the length of your holiday, the ideal situation is to get someone to feed your fish for you and possibly do some maintenance of your aquarium (depending on how long you are away). This can be anyone from a friend, family, neighbour but make sure they do not over feed your fish.

To help ensure they do not over feed your fish you can;
  1. Put the right amount of food into daily pill boxes and get them to follow the days 
  2. Get them to come in every 2 days to feed them, (your fish will be fine with this slight change and it means that if they are over feeding that its not everyday)
  3. Write a feeding list with measurements for them to follow
If you cannot get someone to come and feed your fish then the next best thing is to get an automatic fish feeder.

One of the best auto fish feeders is the Eheim battery fish feeder. This battery fish feeder is perfect no matter how long you are going away for. The Eheim feeder is easily programmable to let you control when the fish are fed and how much they are fed at a time. The food chamber has a capacity of 100 ml and you can feed flake or pellet out of it - although we recommend small pellets as we find these work better 

The Eheim battery feeder is one of our favourite feeders  because it comes with everything you need to ensure that your fish are fed and happy while you are away.

If you have a Juwel Aquarium, you can purchase a Juwel Automatic Feeder . These are specifically designed to sit on top of a Juwel flap set and again are best suited to small pellets.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pro-F Foods

Pro-F Foods By NT Labs

Pro-F foods are an excellent fish food for your tropical fish.

Produced by NT labs, the Pro-F range is a wide variety of foods to cover feeding of all sorts of tropical fish.

Pro-F is a very high-quality food packed full of nutrients, protein and colour enhancers to ensure that your fish are healthy, happy and colourful.

The Pro-F probiotic food is one of the best tropical fish pellets to date. Containing probiotic bacteria so that your fish can absorb more nutrients into their bodies, you will instantly see the resulting healthier fish as we did when we first used this at our shop. Pro-F Probiotic Tropical Fish Pellets aids in reducing fish waste (as more of the food can be absorbed) meaning this fish food also improves water quality. Pro-F Probiotic contains spirulina which boosts colour and the probiotic helps boosts your fishes immunity so it can fight off disease easier. Pro-F probiotic pellet is a very small pellet approximately 1 mm. This size pellet allows each to sink at different speeds so all fish can feed at their preferred water column levels.

NT Labs also produce a catfish pellet in the Pro-F range. The Catfish pellet is a fast sinking pellet so that it gets down to the bottom feeding catfish quickly. Pro-F Catfish pellets are very palatable pellets for catfish. This catfish sinking pellet is high in protein to help your fish can keep weight on and maintain its health. Catfish generally produce a lot of waste. The Pro-F Catfish pellet is a high-quality food which allows your catfish to absorb more of the nutrients. This helps reduce the waste your catfish produce resulting in better water quality.

Another food from the NT Lab Pro-F range is the nano tropical food. This small pellet fish food is a slower sinking small pellet measuring at about 0.8 mm. Pro-F nano food is very high in protein and like other Pro-F tropical fish food, it is easily digested and very palatable to fish. Pro-F Nano Tropical Fish food has colour enhancers so your fish continue to look as bright and healthy as possible in your aquarium. Ideal if you keep small fish that struggle with normal sized pellets.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

NEW: Juwel LED Light Unit

Juwel LED Light Unit

After years of waiting Juwel are finally set to release an LED light unit called the Helialux LED to fit their aquariums! There will finally be an alternative option to their tube lighting that comes in a light unit with a separate controller. 

This will mean all of your fish will look even more colourful and striking in your tank as well as making your plants thrive and grow a lot more.

The Helialux controller will mean you will have full power over what your tank looks like at any point in the day or night. This will allow you to cater for your fish better and in turn make them less stressed and happier. 

A release date is yet to be announced but we will update as soon as we find out.