Sunday, 24 July 2016

Going On Holiday

Going On Holiday

If you are going away on holiday for a period of time and don't know what to do about feeding and maintaining your aquarium then this blog will direct you the right way to making sure your fish stay happy and healthy whilst you are away enjoying yourself.

No matter the length of your holiday, the ideal situation is to get someone to feed your fish for you and possibly do some maintenance of your aquarium (depending on how long you are away). This can be anyone from a friend, family, neighbour but make sure they do not over feed your fish.

To help ensure they do not over feed your fish you can;
  1. Put the right amount of food into daily pill boxes and get them to follow the days 
  2. Get them to come in every 2 days to feed them, (your fish will be fine with this slight change and it means that if they are over feeding that its not everyday)
  3. Write a feeding list with measurements for them to follow
If you cannot get someone to come and feed your fish then the next best thing is to get an automatic fish feeder.

One of the best auto fish feeders is the Eheim battery fish feeder. This battery fish feeder is perfect no matter how long you are going away for. The Eheim feeder is easily programmable to let you control when the fish are fed and how much they are fed at a time. The food chamber has a capacity of 100 ml and you can feed flake or pellet out of it - although we recommend small pellets as we find these work better 

The Eheim battery feeder is one of our favourite feeders  because it comes with everything you need to ensure that your fish are fed and happy while you are away.

If you have a Juwel Aquarium, you can purchase a Juwel Automatic Feeder . These are specifically designed to sit on top of a Juwel flap set and again are best suited to small pellets.

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