Sunday, 24 July 2016

Vitalis Coral Food

Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition have just launched a new range of foods specifically formulated and designed for corals and anemones.

Vitalis have introduced LPL Coral Pellets, SPS Coral Food, Anemone Pellets and Soft Coral Food.
Each contains specific amino acids and nutritional needs for the specific species and the food is based on their soft food formula.

LPS Coral Pellet (Large Polyp Stony Corals)
LPS Corals are usually found in the deeper waters and therefore rely on a good food source within the water more than photosynthesis for their growth and development.
Vitalis have developed an extra small pellet that LPS Corals can trap as they would do in their natural coral reefs.

SPS Coral Food (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
SPS are found higher up in the reef. As a result SPS corals are more reliable on a good photosynthesis rate for strong healthy growth. To help achieve this, increasing the zooxanthellae numbers within the coral is key and this is increased by feeding your coral the required nutrients. The SPS coral food from Vitalis has been developed to mimic the suspended particulate matter naturally found within coral reefs.

Anemone Pellets
Vitalis have researched the feeding habits of carnivorous anemones in the development of this latest feed. Anemone Pellets mimic the larger particles of food or sea creatures that anemones feed on. Anemone Pellets are easily captured by the anemone tentacles. If you have smaller anemones, then simple break down the Anemone Pellets.

Soft Coral Food
Specially formulated for soft corals and filter feeders, the new Soft Coral Food from Vitalis uses micronized flakes technology that ensures the extra nutrition required is delivered to your soft corals.
Ideal for gorgonians, zoanthis, filter feeder worms and clams.

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